The Champs with Neal Brennan + Moshe Kasher

The Champs semi-integrate with Korean comedian Bobby Lee, who talks about shitting in his pants during a sketch on Mad TV, only watching porn on BluRay and fighting with his mother.

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Carl Lake, the hilarious, beloved Robot from Chappelle's Show sits down with the Champs to discuss his time as a crackhead and quite possibly the craziest 3-way in the history of Germany.

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Atlanta's own Byron Bowers sits down with the Champs to discuss white people's hair, racism, and the Illumuniti!

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Quickly rising comedian Eric Andre sits down with the Champs to discuss his new show on Adult Swim, his sitcom on ABC, getting handjobs at massage parlors and Moshe's love of rough sex. Also, Neal argues that Jon Hamm has no more right to fame than Snookie.

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Neal's old buddy stops by to talk with the Champs to discuss Vegas, Cruise Ships, the Chappelle's Show sketch, the appopriate amount blackness and High School liars.

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He's not famous, but he's really funny.  This week, writer and comedian Hugh Moore sits down with the Champs as they get all introspective and discuss how their parents love affected their lives long-term.  Also, they talk about eating out homeless women.

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Multiple AVN Award winning pornstar Lexington Steele sits down with The Champs to discuss his life as a porn star. It's far more interesting and far less gross than you'd guess.  And it's really funny.

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The man who plays Montez Walker on Comedy Central's "Workaholics," sits down with the Champs to have an in-depth discussion about the taste of comedy bookers, star-fucking, and Patrice O'Neal.

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"In Living Color" + "Chocolate News" star David Allan Grier gets with the Champs to discuss Kanye West, David Mamet, dissing Jodie Foster and dating younger women.

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Comedy Legend/Hero Robert Townsend (Hollywood Shuffle/5 Heart Beats/Raw) joins the Champs to discuss directing Eddie Murphy in "Raw," losing a role on Broadway to Jimmie J.J. Walker,  and the creation of "Hollywood Shuffle."

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