The Champs with Neal Brennan + Moshe Kasher

In part 2 of Blake Griffin, we discuss Blake's summer workout, his fear of being considered a bust after his rookie injury, and running over a squirrel with his car.  Then Leslie Jones shows up and berates Blake about the state of the NBA, and says she didn't know about the Dunk Contest because it wasn't on the news.

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For some reason, NBA Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin stops by to talk to the Champs.  In Part 1 (of 2) They discuss on-court flatulence, possible nicknames, Blake's Car-Jumping Dunk, Sean Kemp, and how the Champs would beat him up if he tested them.  You won't believe what a good, funny dude Blake Griffin is.

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Jerrod Carmichael

This weekly podcast features Neal Brennan (co-creator of "Chappelle's
Show"), Moshe Kasher (Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Lately,
Comedy Central) and DJ Douggpound (Tim and Eric, Awesome Show)
talking about whatever pops into their stupid heads Every
episode, they welcome a different black guest host.

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