The Champs with Neal Brennan + Moshe Kasher

Comedian/Actor/Compton Native Jamar Neighbors sits down with the Champs to discuss maybe being a crack baby, fighting, and crying as a man.

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The Champs sit down with Girlcode regular Nicole Byer to discuss the time she married a guy to get him a greencard, body-images and believe it or not, race.

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The Champs sit down with the (black) selections from the Montreal JFL festival.  Is it a mess? Probably. But production has never been the Champs strongsuit.  It's about vibes, bro.

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After a long hiatus, the Champs are back with Wanda Sykes. They discuss Wanda's life, comedy and sexuality.  Recorded Live at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival 2015.

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The star of the HBO special "Love from The Store" and the forthcoming NBC sitcom sits down with the Champs to discuss working with Spike Lee and what "responsibilities" black artists have.  Also, Jamar is there and we talk to him too.

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Comedian Ms. Pat sits down with the Champs to discuss having her first child at 14, selling crack, and getting shot in the tittie.  It's wild, homey.

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The Roots MC sits down with The Champs to discuss life on The Tonight Show, growing up rough in Philly, his crazy work ethic and his relationship with Questlove.

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The Queens, NY native sits down with the Champs to discuss his subversive stand-up, getting his masters degree from the London School of Economimc and his life as a immigrant rights organizer in Seattle up until 2008.

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Comedian/actress sits down with the Champs to discuss her journey to comedy through family turmoil and the LA foster care system. Funny/emotional Champs.

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